Surface Preparation

Crumbling, cracking and staining - these are a few common concrete problems we can help you with. Below we've detailed some other common concrete problems and the techniques used in preparing the concrete surface.


 By using a combination of the most modern and efficient tools, machinery and our skilled workmanship, all of our concrete services start with good preparation of the concrete surface. This way, you can be absolutely certain you'll get the best looking, hard wearing and longevity of your concrete surface. Whether we are using diamond grinding, shot blasting, scarifying or cementitious floor leveling compounds, we carry out all hole patching, crack chasing and repair any structural damage to your concrete surface before applying any concrete product or polishing. Plus, our strict dust control systems on all of our equipment ensures minimal impact (or mess) to your business. 

Shot Blasting

Our shot blaster is a 12E SPE and is capable of cleaning (for example) a slab of old adhesives at a rate of 400 - 600 m2 per shift. Shot blasting is a very effective method of roughening a concrete slab prior to resurfacing.


Our range of diamond grinding machines, 240 volt or 20 & 32 Amp 3 phase powered models are a dustless & quick method of removing a range of contaminants from the slab surface prior to installing or applying following floor finishes. Diamond Grinding is particularly useful where difficult access situations arise.


Available, again in a range of sizes, depending on suitability of the job at hand. A Scarrifyer shaves off the surface of the concrete in 5mm increments per pass, dependant on the strength of concrete being treated.

Scapping + Stripping

We have the equipment necessary to undertake the removal of existing floor coverings such as; floor tiles, epoxy resins, vinyl and carpet tiles in preparation for your polished concrete floor. This ensures that a more efficient timeframe can achieved with minimal downtime. Extra care is taken when tile stripping, which will minimise the amount of patching in the concrete and give your floor an optimum finish.


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